AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler

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Breathing problems no more!

Get the on-the-go cutting-edge AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler. No longer will you have to carry bulky devices for your breathing treatment.

The AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler is a mesh-type nebulizer for treating the upper and lower respiratory tract. It works great for those with asthma or breathing difficulties. 

The nebulization and inhalation of medication prescribed by a physician can prevent diseases of the respiratory tract, treat the side effects of these disorders, and speed up healing.

How Long After Nebulizer Can You Use Inhaler

Get relief without breaking your wallet with this compact, user-friendly device and bring back a sense of assurance into your life. Walk around with no worries as the AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler helps those with breathing issues and congestion caused by asthma, colds, bronchitis, the flu, or other viruses and other respiratory ailments that can cause considerable distress.

Is A Nebulizer Better Than An Inhaler


Thanks to our advanced ultrasound technology the sound emitted by AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler  is equal to zero. Bye bye useless noises!


Equipped with two airflow control options that are easily adjustable to match your needs. The low setting is for babies and children, and the high setting for adults and teens.


With automatic power function, the AidPure Nebulizer Inhaler is easy to operate and can easily be turned on with a push of a button. The device has an automatic switch-off function. To prevent damage to the mesh, the device switches off automatically when the medicine/liquid has been almost entirely used up.


Thanks to its structure, AidPure Nebulizer Inhaler  allows you to take your medicines or physiological solution more easily than ever!


The AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler is small and lightweight, making it extremely convenient to carry and use at home, during work, vacation, business trips, sports, or anytime when it’s needed.

One-Stop Solution For All Ages

The AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler  is suitable for all ages as it comes with 2 different nebulizer sizes, one for adults and one for children. It also comes with a mouthpiece for maximum medicine or vapor consumption.

Multi-Purpose Nebulizer

The AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler is multifunctional and can be used for both breathing and deep skin, facial hydration.


If you don't have batteries or if they die, you don't have to worry! You can still use AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler. Thanks to the USB slot, just like your phone charger.

Can I Use Nebulizer After Inhaler
How To Use:

  1. Put in the batteries or connect with a USB cable. Pour the liquid medicine into the cup module. Then, assemble the mask or the mouthpiece.
  2. Turn it on by pressing the power button. Press the push button and it will spray mist. Once done, press the power button again to turn it off.
  3. Do not use the device if the medicine container or water tank is empty.
  4. When cleaning, do not use running water to rinse the water storage cup. The host can not be washed with water.

  5. Do not use sharp objects such as toothpicks or cotton swabs to touch the spray nozzle.

Can Nebulizer Be Used For Steam Inhalation

  • Power: 2.0w
  • Weight: 115g
  • Oscillation frequency: 100kHz
  • Atomized particles: less than 5um
  • Volume: max. 10ml
  • Size(L*W*H): 45*45*100mm
  • Cup capacity: 0.5ml - 0.8ml
  • Fogging rate: 0.2ml/min
  • Powered by: USB or 2xAA Batteries

Can You Use A Nebulizer After Using An Inhaler


  • Medicines should only be inhaled if instructed or prescribed by a physician.

  • Inhalation should be performed in a relaxed body and quiet atmosphere.

  • Inhale slowly and deeply to enable the medicine to reach the small bronchi deep into the lungs.

Can You Use Nebulizer After Inhaler

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Nebulizer
  • 1 x Nozzle
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Adult’s Mask
  • 1 x Children’s Mask
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x User Manual

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