BetterSkin™️ - The Facial Extraction Vacuum

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Oily Nose & Forehead all the time even when it's not hot outside?

Our BetterSkin™️ Facial Vacuums are made to Properly Extract Oils, Blackheads, Whiteheads & Pores. Combined with exfoliation, and proper eating you will see a glow like never before!

Oily Skin is Annoying, Not Presentable& Embarrassing. Even when you try to be diligent in taking care of blackheads or pimples you end up leaving those Murder Scene Marks on your face, creating your own Picasso & a Larger mess than you started with... Oh and usually at this point, you cancel your plans for the night...

BetterSkin is the Solution for all your Facial Epidermis Cleanse’s, Want’s & Needs. This revolutionary device will have your skin clear of blackheads within minutes. The design and operation of the machine are highly user-friendly which makes it convenient to use for everyone from amateurs to professionals.

Use the BetterSkin Vacuum to remove all your unwanted blackheads and deeply clean your pores.

Companies make you dependent on needing these harsh Chemicals. A simply healthy diet, exfoliation combined with the BetterSkin Vacuum is the ultimate combination for Clear Skin!

✔ SAVE TIME - treat yourself to professional skincare in under 5 minutes!

✔ EASY TO USE - three levels of suction to suit your skin.

✔ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The 5 adjustable mouthpieces focus on different problem areas that enable the extractor tool to remove dirt, oil, makeup buildup, blackheads, & more. They prevent pimple outbreaks too.

✔ GENTLE ACTION: The BetterSkin Vacuum Pro does not rip the skin or squeeze it with force. It uses gentle suction action that adjusts to suit your skin.

✔ VISIBLE RESULTS: When the skin pores are clean without damaging the skin cells, you get smooth, flawless, and healthy skin. It helps your skin breathe right from the first use.

✔ EASY TO OPERATE: It comes with a USB charging port for easy charging anywhere. It is easy to use and works quickly. Its suction pulls out everything that’s blocking the pore with surprising efficiency.

Maybe you’re wondering why you get blackheads? 

Simply put, they’re clogged with pores that contain oils, dirt, and residue. When left untreated, they grow and expand, getting bigger and bigger on the skin. Traditional methods of blackhead removal only remove dirt on the surface - so a couple of days later they appear as blackheads again, and again, and again. The Pore Vacuum Pro uses suction technology to get all dirt from deep inside the pores which other methods cannot reach, leaving nothing but a clean pore behind.

Package Includes:

1x BetterSkin Unit 
1x Micro-crystalline Probe
1x Oval Probe
1x Small Circular Probe
1x Big Circular Probe
1x Small Pointed Probe
1x Sponge
4x Silicone Rings
1x USB Charger 


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