ClearSkin™️ - The 36pcs/Set Acne & Blackhead Patch

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Quick, Fast & Easy

These Patches can address targeted areas effectively by using salicylic formulation to remove those unwanted blemishes like skin tags, warts, and moles permanently. It removes the blemished layers to reveal new and smooth skin.

✔ With ultra-fine ventilation, it allows your skin to breathe without being in contact with further skin irritants like dirt, pollutants, and makeup.

✔ This helps keep your skin moisturized for faster healing of wounds.

✔ It also helps speed up acne treatment as it absorbs exudates from acne.

✔ It comes in skin-toned patches to conceal and protect your acne from being infected discreetly. You can use it to apply makeup - it will keep your brushes from being in contact with the affected area to prevent irritation and further breakouts.

✔ You may also use it to cover up blemishes and dark spots on your skin. 

Treat your acne in peace without the fear of putting on makeup! Now you can stop worrying about getting further acne breakouts! You can see results in as fast as 7 days!



  1. Wash and dry the affected area thoroughly.

  2. Pick a patch size that is slightly bigger than the spot to cover it completely.

  3. Stick the patch onto the area before applying other skin treatment creams. 

  4. Leave it overnight to absorb and pull out acne pus.

  5. Once the patch turns white, peel it off gently and replace it with a new one as needed.



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