DermaCare™️ - Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Scrubber & Cleaner

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Touch your Nose or Forehead and all you feel is Oil? Oily skin even when it’s not hot outside?

The Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Scrubber is the perfect choice to combat these everyday issues along with...

✔ Deep Cleansing

✔ Soft Peeling

✔ Extractions

✔ Exfoliation

✔ Product Penetration

✔ Fine lines or Wrinkles

Oily skin is natural, your body will let out its oils from your pores, some more than others, but again this is natural.

Many of us use scrubs, creams & exfoliation, with no luck to deter from their oily skin.

Penetration & Extraction is the Solution 

Our Skin Scrubber will provide the proper extraction of dirt & oils with no squeezing, thanks to its 25 thousand ultrasonic vibrations, which work by pushing debris to the surface of your skin.

The end result? A reduction of Fine Lines Wrinkles!


The Derma Ultrasonic Skin scrubber is the newest advancement of microdermabrasion. This component won’t lead to any pain & be done in seconds.

✔ Microdermabrasion: An invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture.

✔ Peeling & iontophoresis: Another component that aids in facial deep cleansing, promoting properties that allow effective nutrient absorption & pore cleansing

✔ Stimulate muscle contractions & promote blood circulation & Restore your skin's Moisturized Smooth Elasticity.

✔ Clear away blackheads, dead skin cells, and dirt particles. 

✔ The high-frequency vibration extracts skin impurities while the spatula-shaped head clears it away.

✔ Relieve skin fatigue, effectively help the skin absorb nutrients, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, clarify acne and blemishes.  

Using Ultrasonic and Nanotechnology to make the molecules rub each other at 25K/s, creating the proper Vibrations and mild heating to promote deep cleansing which can remove dead skin cells, blackheads & whiteheads.  

How To Use:

  1. Cleanse your face with a mild foaming cleanser to remove makeup and excess oil.

  2. Wet the face, turn on the HTS Scrubber and begin to gently exfoliate the skin and extract the pores.

  3. We love this tool. Through many trials of testing, we’ve seen that having a moist face is where it is most effective. For more enhanced results, hot water would be best as the heat will help your pores open up to allow the proper penetration of your product or oil extractions.

  4. Dry the face, apply an anti-aging cream or serum to the skin. Turn on again and penetrate the cream or serum deep into the skin for maximum effectiveness.  

Package Includes:
  • 1 X Main device
  • 1 X USB cable
  • 1 X English Manual
  • 1 X Retail box 


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