Cordless Compression Heat Hand Massager

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Feeling terrible with hand pains? Feeling tired and sick all the time with finger arthritis? Tired hands? Swollen hands? and so on?

Doctian Care introduces you to the best and luxurious hand massager for your hand needs.
Our Cordless Compression Heat Hand Massager is the answer for your aching hands. Its multi-functional and specially designed with air compression and hot compress massage together with matching finger massager. It takes good care of every part of your hands including your fingers, joints and wrist for pain relief with effective compression therapy.

Massager Classic Version: No painting process, 1800 mAh lithium battery, no power control, no heating, no mode, palm covering massage, nano material, anti-sweat and skin-friendly.

Massager Deluxe Version: Spray paint process, 2200 mAh lithium battery, with intensity control, heat pressure control, no mode, with palm covering massage, nano material, anti-sweat and skin-friendly.

Massager Flagship Version: Painting process, 2200mAh lithium battery, intensity control, hot compress control, male and female modes, independent five-finger covering massage, panel breathing light, airbag massage, invisible touch, smart timing, nanomaterials, sweat-proof and skin-friendly.

Our Cordless Compression Heat Hand Massager is powered with USB cable, safe and portable to use. After fully charged, you could use the massager for long time at home or office.

Hand Massager with the Heat Compression

  • Helps keep your hands warm and moist prevent dryness and dehydration.
  • It provides gentle heat therapy helps promote blood circulation and;
  • Ease soreness muscles, numbness and cold fingers and palm. Your hands could get most improved with this electric finger massager.
  • Increased Circulation - The heat function is a gradual warming process designed to increase circulation during your massage. It is formatted in such a way that your hand becomes acclimated to the process as the machine slowly warms.

    Compact and Portable - Compact design allows for effortless storage and travel once your massage is complete

    REMINDER: If you have any preexisting conditions we recommend you consult with your doctor before using a massage device.



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