Heat & Vibration Back Massager Chair-In-Cushion

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This Heating and Vibrating massage cushion are suitable for car, home, or office use, which is a simple and easy way to reduce stress and the everyday strain on your body from travel, work, and other stress factors.

It gives soothing heat treatment for more intense relaxation. Made of high-grade material, which is more healthy and friendly to the environment.

Built-in vibrating motors can give you a comfortable back, neck, lumbar, and thigh massage. So, what are you waiting for? This is absolutely a perfect product for you to relax or massage.

  • Intelligent design, built-in high-frequency massage ball.

  • Can be controlled by pressing the corresponding key parts of the massage ball to activate and achieve personalized massage combinations

  • May relieve discomfort and reduce pain, relieve fatigue, relax body and mind quickly

  • Can speed up blood circulations, increase cellular oxygen supply

  • Enhance immune cell activity and enhance the brain self-regulation

  • Enhance skin elasticity, improve sleep and digestion with some support

Electric Portable Heating Vibrating Back Massager Chair In Cussion

Our heating and vibrating massager has 9 massage motor point with 2 heating zone which helps to relax your neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttock, and legs, make your life stressfree while you work at the office or take a long journey in your car or relaxing at home after some work.

4 Massage Zones: Using 9 massage motors
  • Neck massage x1
  • Back massage x 2
  • Waist Massage x 2
  • Buttock massage x 2
  • Leg massage x 2

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