Magnetic Acupressure Reflexology Gel Insoles

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Discover Comfort That Allows You To Move With Ease.

Gel-filled insole massages your feet with every step thus ending foot pain from standing. It also stimulates reflex points to provide foot relief as you walk.

This is especially useful for people with foot and leg fatigue and foot discomfort. Double the comfort in your shoes, so you can feel comfortable and more energized all day.

Our feet are very important to us. We tire them all day long, they bear our burdens and keep us standing still even when we are doing the most tiring things.

That is why we need to take care of them whenever we can. Using the Magnetic Acupressure Reflexology Gel Insoles, it designed them with a contoured heel and arch support for the feet to ensure maximum comfort and arch support. You can wear the flex insoles every day, during a normal stroll, heavy exercise, trekking, and during a variety of physical activities.

Magnetic Acupressure Reflexology Gel Insoles Benefits

No more swollen feet and backaches caused by poor standing postures. Get now a constant foot massage while walking thanks to their unique flow pattern, which will provide you with an all-day massage!

These insoles of flexible plastic inserts combine acupressure, reflexology, and magnets to provide gentle and effective stimulation to the feet. Massage your feet when walking in reflexology insoles!



    • Improves blood circulation, relieve fatigue, massage and relax

    • Massages while you walk with shock absorption

    • Helps relax Lumbar Muscles

    • Relieve bloating

    • Helps promote WEIGHT LOSS

    • Thenar massage

    • Orthotic insole

    • Reduces muscular aches and pains

    • Eliminates foot odors

    • Massage feet according to the acupoints magnetic designed

    • Deodorant, sweat proof, breathable

    • Turns all footwear into massage footwear

    • Adjustable, you could cut the insoles according to your feet size

    • Effective, comfortable, and durable

How Does Magnetic Acupressure Reflexology Gel Insoles Works


  1. How will it fit in my shoes?
    Flexible to fit any shoe. They can be trimmed, provided with a guideline that is made from a material that is easy to cut.

  1. How do I clean it?
    Clean them in lukewarm water with dish soap and let them air dry.

  1. Can I transfer them from shoe to shoe?
    Yes, you can! These insoles can be transferable from shoe to shoe easily.

  1. When will I feel the benefits of wearing these massaging insoles?
    You will feel the health benefits after a few weeks of consistently using the magnetic insoles. The magnets stimulate the acupuncture points on the sole of the feet, but of course, it is not a medical remedy.

    The effects will differ for different people and how consistent they are in using the insoles.

  1. Are the insoles okay to wear when I work out?
    They are worn during any activity. Whether you are out for a casual stroll or hitting the gym for an intense workout, these massaging insoles will help give you the boost of energy you need. Designed with moisture-wicking technology, they are 100% breathable, perfect for warm days or hard workouts.

  1. I have hypertension/diabetes. Can I wear them?
    Yes, it promotes blood circulation and will have beneficial overall health effects.

 Note: If your feet feel tired, rest as needed.  

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