Phoenix™ Pro Massage Gun

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Tackle Pain, Recover Faster, Feel Better and Move Better with the Ultra Effective Percussive Therapy Device!

Phoenix™ Pro is the expertly designed massage tool that delivers real results, allowing your body to relax, release, and recover faster than ever. The combination of vibration and percussion therapy makes Phoenix™ Pro a perfect addition to any athlete, therapist, or fitness specialist's recovery regimen.

An Amazing Deep Muscle Massage

Unlike Anything, You've Ever Felt!

✔ Brushless Motor

Designed for Athletes, by Athletes, the brand new Phoenix™ Pro is bringing to market high-quality and ultra silent percussion/vibration therapy tools. At all 3 speeds, our advanced technology combined with a high torque brushless motor provides a quiet atmosphere to relax your mind and your muscles.

✔ Three Speeds

Featuring three speeds; 1800, 2400, and 3200 strokes per minute, you can choose lower frequencies to warm up or massage injured muscles, then increase speeds to target larger muscle groups.

✔ 6 Hours of Battery Life

Phoenix™ Pro has a 24V Built-In Battery for 6 hours of battery life; ideal for professionals seeking to implement percussion and vibration therapy into their daily treatment regimens. Simply plug in your device with the included DC power outlet.

Accessories Included:

1 x Phoenix Pro Massage Gun
1 x Massage Ball (For Large Muscles) 
1 X Spiral Head (For Joints)
1 X Two Fork Tip (For Spine) 
1 X Flat Head (For Full Body)
1 X Power Charger
1 X Instruction Manual
1 X Premium Light EVA Carry Case



Product Dimensions 8.5" x 6.5" x 2.75"
Weight 1.5Lbs (0.68 kg)
Travel Travel-friendly, TSA approved as carry-on
Device Power 54Wh
Work Noise Level 50-60dB (ultra-quiet)
Max Force 60 pounds
Battery Capacity 1500mAh - 6 hours
Battery Voltage 24V
Charging time 2 hours
Charger Input 100-240V 50/60Hz
Charger Output 26V DC-1A

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