Posture Trainer For Kids Humpback Correction Belt

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Having problems with your kids to practice good posture? Teach them young!

Online learning has become popular all over the world, and with children spending more time in front of a computer, managing their posture is crucial.

Whether they are sitting in front of a computer doing formal online learning or a more self-guided program, it's important for children of all ages and sizes to maintain good posture while doing educational activities at home. Proper posture helps to protect a child's growing spine and joints.

Doctian Care recommends to parents our Posture Trainer For Kids Humpback Correction Belt!

Teaching them young is a good start for them to have a good posture. Our Posture Trainer For Kids Humpback Correction Belt is a great support to attain and mantain a proper alignment of your kid's spine thus providing a proper posture.



  • It does not hurt the spine keel support, fits the back curve, and wears it easily to shape the body without pressure.

  • Vertebrae correction, efficient against hunchback.

  • Pure physical correction principle, using the stability of the rectangle and uniformity of force to apply strength on the entire reference of the back, stretching the arched bone to reproduce the normal physiological curve of the spine.

  • Invisible inside wearing comfy and breathable, three-dimensional shape easy to wear comfortable and breathable and more comfortable.

Posture Trainer For Kids | Humpback Correction Belt
Posture Trainer For Kids | Humpback Correction Belt


  • Product Name: Correction Belt

  • Color: blue / pink

  • Fabric: stretch comfort fabric

  • Uses: shaping, correcting posture

  • size chart:

  • Size / weight (kg) / height (cm)

  • S/15-25kg/100-130cm

  • M/25-45kg/125-155cm

Posture Trainer For Kids | Humpback Correction Belt


  • 1 x Child Correction Belt


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