Sleep Apnea Anti-Snore Mouth Guard
Sleep Apnea Anti-Snore Mouth Guard
Sleep Apnea Anti-Snore Mouth Guard
Sleep Apnea Anti-Snore Mouth Guard

Sleep Apnea Anti-Snore Mouth Guard

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People of all ages, even kids, can snore. But as you get older, your throat muscles and tongue relax even more while you’re sleeping. That makes them vibrate as you breathe -- and that’s what causes snoring.

Looking for something that could be helpful for a good night sleep?

Then our Sleep Apnea Anti-Snore Mouth Guard might be the right fit for you!

Our Sleep Apnea Anti-Snore Mouth Guard is designed to fit everyone.

  • Perfect for: bruxism, teeth grinding, sports, teeth protection for athletic athletes, whitening tray. 
  • Great for kids, youth, adults whether they grind, grind or bite their teeth at night, by day. Our protectors or sweaters are a perfect solution for everyone.

Made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), so it is safe to use while sleeping.  

The snoring mouthpiece is also called a mandibular advancement device. It is the most common type of mouthpiece to stop snoring. It prevents the rear part of your tongue (tongue base) from falling back into the throat while you sleep on your back. Otherwise, the tongue would obstruct or even block the airways.
Anti snore mouth guard

✔ Increases Oxygen Levels: Your snoring disturbs your sleep, your breathing stops at times, and oxygen levels in your blood go down. A mouthguard for snoring helps increase oxygen levels in the body and prevent sleep disorders. 

best anti snoring device

✔ Easy To Use: Simply add the dental mouth guard to the temperature specified in the instructions, and mold it to your mouth for 20 seconds. 

stop snoring devices

If you wear the mouthpiece every day – which is recommended for lasting therapeutic success – you should also maintain good oral hygiene. Due to inattentive tooth brushing, small nutrient particles and leftover food that remain in the oral cavity at night make for a welcome feast for oral flora bacteria. When they’re also pressed against the teeth by the snoring mouthpiece, then caries bacteria find excellent conditions to propagate. This can eventually damage the tooth and lead to tooth decay.

Package Includes: 1x Sleep Apnea Anti-Snore Mouth Guard

Delivery time: Because of HIGH DEMAND, shipping times have averaged to 3-10 business days. 

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