Electric UV Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder

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This Electric UV Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder is equipped with a built-in fan, it keeps the toothbrush ventilated and prevents any bacteria reproduction.
Each slot has UV-led lights that sanitize and kill bacteria build-up in your toothbrush head in 120 seconds efficiently.
It may generate an iron smell on the toothbrush head during sanitization, but air blowing will remove the odor, and the noise is 40dB only to make sure your toothbrush is clean and safe. 
The digital display screen shows the temperature & battery status. After closing the cover, UV light sanitizer and air drying will start automatically, and it also could be controlled by the touch switch.


✔ Toothbrush holder

The home design can store up to 5 toothbrushes.

✔ Toothbrush Disinfectant

UV sterilizer bombards your toothbrush with a lot of super UV rays. It is especially effective in killing bacteria – tiny molds – molds and many other microorganisms that grow and multiply in toothbrush bristles. UV sterilizers can also fight bacteria that cause bad breath and gum disease – gingivitis.

✔ Timing sterilization

Cycle sterilization in the morning and evening, 8 times a day.

✔ Easy to install

Just tear off the adhesive, press the adhesive, let stand for 24 hours, and buckle the machine on the adhesive.

✔ Ultraviolet light sensor technology

Anti-bacteria and no damage to the skin Stop ultraviolet sterilization when people arrive and refuse radiation.

✔ 4600mA large-capacity lithium battery

Lasting for two months, TYPE-C fast charging technology, 4-6 hours can be fully charged.

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